Silver Street

As you all probably know Silver Street is temporarily closed to traffic and pedestrians.

The contractors, ISG, report that they are having to turn walkers back at the lower part of Silver Street, but are being told by some of them that they are going to the

Rugby Club at Norton Down to train, practice etc.

Access to the club and playing fields via Silver Street is not permitted and must be stopped for the whole duration of these works.

ISG reported that on the 14th May 2020, some pedestrians got into the working zone and there was nearly a very serious [could have been fatal] accident involving the heavy plant and the walkers. They have had to class this as a ‘near miss’ and has had to be logged in ISG’s accident/incident book.

Access is always available to the club and grounds, from the south, Chilcompton, side, so there is no reason for attempting to walk up Silver Street, through the working zone.