Remote coaching of children

Remote coaching of children must follow safeguarding principles. In addition the RFU expect the same standards of planning, risk assessment, adherence to the laws of the game and coaching safe practice. Coaches must be providing guidance with the overall RFU instructions and work with the participants needs and capabilities. Here’s the advice around online coaching provided by the Child Protection In Sport Unit

Any club considering online coaching to anyone under the age of 18 must consider the

matters raised in the link . Key issues being:

  • Does the club have an online safety policy?

  • Will there be specific procedures to follow in the event of concerns arising during online interaction, for example between a coach and a young person?

  • Do all those using, or likely to use, online coaching know what the codes of conduct are for these environments?

  • What processes are in place to ensure the coach has the correct coaching qualifications ?

  • Insurance

  • Parental involvement is critical to ensure you have parental consent for involvement in the activity. How is this managed by the coach?

  • Consider the platform that is being used. Are privacy and confidentiality settings appropriate? There have been significant issues with Zoom . A recent case in another sport is where the coach widely advertised on social media the meeting ID and password. This resulted in a Zoom Bombing where the session was hijacked and graphic and disturbing child sexual images were shown. Therefore the advice is that people register their interest and the meeting ID and password is sent out prior to meeting.

Any queries, please let me know. Kind Regards Tracey Sweetland Somerset County RFU Safeguarding Manager