Former Players Buffet Luncheon

March 2020

Dear Friend of MNRFC,


In some ways this letter is overdue, but things have been changing so fast through the last weeks that anything sent earlier would have quickly become irrelevant. Firstly and most importantly MNRFC want to wish you, and your family, an avoidance of this terrible virus. If you do catch it, we very much hope that it is mild and that you soon recover, which a very high percentage do.

I’m sure you understand that the gathering set for 18 April is now cancelled, and that there will be no rugby played at Norton Down, or anywhere else for that matter, any time soon Let’s all hope that MNRFC can stay strong and plan for a resumption in September with a new campaign ahead.

The 2019/20 season will be remembered not just for its pandemic truncation but also for being the wettest in living memory, with many games being postponed, or cancelled. The junior section was particularly hard hit with the Festival falling foul of the rain, and many Sundays washed out. Hopefully the young ones will be back at some time full of enthusiasm. The transition of this season’s Colts into Saturday [adult] rugby has been particularly exciting with several youngsters debuting for the IstXV.

200 Club: We usually draw the big [£1000.00] price at these spring gatherings. I’m not sure how to proceed with this, and am minded to delay it until later in the year, whilst carrying on with a monthly standard draw. I will take advice on this matter.

Autumn Appeal update: Firstly, and once again, I would like to thank all those who so kindly donated to the Club, your generosity is much appreciated. As reported we have installed a complete new alarm system, handy as there is such a limited presence at HQ these days. We have also sorted out the front of house gents toilets, and the kitchen now boasts a brand new cooker, the Chef is very happy with it, although there’s nothing cooking on it right now! We are looking at the revamp of the rear shower system and hope to get that up and running this summer. We will be applying for a grant to the Midsomer Norton TC but under current circumstances that avenue may now be closed.

I hope to be writing to you all again in the late summer with some good news, but until then stay safe and well. You may contact me here:–

All best wishes,

Nigel Rowles President MNRFC Ltd