End of Season 2019-2020

May 2020

Dear Friend, Supporter, Player [current or former] of MNRFC,


I am contacting you on behalf of the General Committee of MNRFC. We all want to wish you, and your family, an avoidance of this terrible virus which has the whole country in lockdown. If you do catch it, we very much hope that your symptoms are mild and that you soon recover, which a very high percentage do.

I’m sure you understand that the usual end of season celebrations, and Club business have been put on hold [at the very least], and that, at time of writing, there is no way of knowing how matters will resolve in the long run.

The 2019/20 season will be remembered not just for its pandemic truncation but also for being the wettest in living memory, with many games being postponed, or cancelled. The junior section was particularly hard hit with the Festival falling foul of the rain, and many Sundays washed out. Hopefully the young ones will be back, full of enthusiasm, at some time. The transition of this season’s Colts into Saturday [adult] rugby has been particularly exciting with several youngsters debuting for the IstXV. which carried it’s combined heads high and finished a creditable 4th place officially in the Tribute Western Counties North League. The IInds finished well with their highest league placing for 5+ years, and IIIrds had some great wins, all enjoyed their respective shortened season. Each team will maintain its respective league level when competitions return. The Club end of season tour has fallen into the virus void.

200 Club: We usually draw the big [£1000.00] prize at the end of season Former Players Day, which had to be cancelled. I have decided to hold back on ‘El Gordo’ until [hopefully] we resume activities. In the meantime I oversaw an April Draw, performed by Mandy, a total neutral. Guy [Shoot] Loader was the £200 winner. Social distancing was strictly observed!

Autumn Appeal update: Once again, I would like to thank all those who so kindly donated to the Club, your generosity is much appreciated. As reported we have installed a complete new alarm system, handy as there is such a limited presence at HQ these days. We have also sorted out the front of house gents toilets, and the kitchen now has a brand new cooker, although there’s nothing cooking on it right now! We are looking at the revamp of the rear shower system and hope to get that up and running this summer.

General financial matters [from The Honorary Treasurer]. : The Club remains financially secure albeit after one of the worst years in history for bar sales, with lost home fixtures due to weather and of course the pandemic. The Club has been able to secure the Covid-19 Grant from Mendip District Council which is very much welcomed to bolster our position throughout the Summer. This money will, however, simply replace the monies the Club would have made from the backlog of games which would have been played at the end of the season together with the annual festivities (including of course the Senior and Juniors dinners and the lucrative old players reunion). We have curbed costs since the lockdown and have received payment holidays from Sky and BT Sport. Some members have very kindly donated monies to assist us through this period which is very much appreciated. The 200 Club remains buoyant and again the continued support is very welcome. We are in the process of applying for a grant from Midsomer Norton Town Council which together with the President’s Autumn appeal will hopefully provide us with the extra monies to upgrade the ageing water systems currently in place.

Planned Summer Events – Bar and Entertainments Committee: Whilst it currently looks unlikely that the inaugural BFM will be able to take place on its original planned date of 20th June, the rugby club remains committed to delivering new and exciting events like this and expects a decision to be communicated soon on the future plans for the festival. There has been a great deal of planning for this event, but hopefully the time spent will not be wasted going forward. At present other regular [private] events have been postponed. I have heard directly from John Lawson Circus, who have officially cancelled their 2020 summer tour so we won’t be hosting them in August.

Obviously, as mentioned above, we are unable to stage the Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony, nor carry out the usual AGM. Having considered matters with the officers of the Club we feel that for the foreseeable future the serving General Committee will continue in their roles and it may be the status quo is maintained until 2021. We hope you will all bear with us during these unprecedented times.

I would like to be writing to you all again in the late summer with some good news, but until then stay safe and well. You may contact me here:–nigel.rowles48@outlook.com.

All best wishes,

Nigel Rowles President MNRFC Ltd