Community rugby - current status

Although social gatherings of more than six people will be banned in England from Monday 14 September, the Government has confirmed that organised sports and activities that have been through return to play protocols can continue. With the exception of clubs impacted by local lockdown restrictions, we continue at Stage D on the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap. The rugby community can continue to organise non-contact fixtures with other clubs using Ready4Rugby, which you can read more about in the link below, and other touch rugby activity. Limited and restricted contact rugby training can also be continued. Details of the permitted training activity are available in the return to contact training guidance link below. We are working to see whether guidance on numbers permitted on training areas can be increased to reflect the age of participants. Until we have secured approval for this, clubs should follow current guidance of no more than 20 players per half pitch in training. RFU guidance as well as Government Coronavirus (Covid-19) Guidelines must be followed. Contact Guidance Ready4Rugby