‘Half Game Rule’

Please see the guidance around game time coming down from the RFU.

Players tell us being part of the team is the most important thing to them. Being on the pitch is a major driver on their enjoyment and retention in sport. From September 2019, the RFU intends to introduce the Half Game Rule to ensure that all match day squad players play at least half a game.

This has been successfully implemented in New Zealand and Wales in the last 3 years with really positive feedback and results on player retention. Many clubs, schools and colleges in England already do this but unfortunately most don’t. To help Age Grade clubs, schools and colleges prepare for the Half Game Rule we now encourage all involved with the Age Grade game to implement this rule within your own teams and competitions. Let’s make rugby union stand apart in its commitment to every player. Wouldn’t it be great if this didn’t have to become a regulation from 2019 because the whole Age Grade game did the right thing anyway?! In the coming months, keep your eyes open for more information and a range of supporting materials. Please do take a lead in implementing this and help us spread the word, to ensure all our Age Grade players are playing at least half a game.

Include it, apply it and shout about it!

Although it will not become MANDATORY until the 2019-2020 season, the RFU want all clubs to start implementing in the forthcoming 2018-2019 season.

Download Age Grade News Letter Issue 4