Regulation 15 update and Guidance

The 2017/18 season is a major milestone for the Age Grade Game as the final recommendations from the four-year Age Grade Competition Review are implemented.

These developments continue to align rugby to the wants and needs of the players and ensure that players of all levels continue to enjoy rugby and to further support their transition into the adult game.

This year the RFU has continued to strengthen Regulation 15, with the new regulation now in effect, as of 1 August. As part of this, there are two areas of development we want to draw your attention to.

These areas relate to:

1. When a female can play adult rugby

2. Out of season activity

To support any questions you might receive from players, the community, parents and coaches, Te RFU have produced some guidance in the form of frequently asked questions.

Click HERE for regulation 15.6.2 (out of season activity).

Click HERE for regulation 15.5.5 (female playing adult rugby).

To support Regulation 15 and the philosophy of Age Grade Rugby, a new RFU Codes of Practice will be launched in September. These Age Grade Codes of Practice provide practical support and best practice to those delivering the Age Grade game and provide practical advice on how to adopt a player-centred and holistic approach to rugby - helping clubs and schools retain players.

If you have any questions relating to regulation 15, or the upcoming Codes of Practice, please email